Complaint against Mayra Mendoza 20220428

The mayor of the Buenos Aires municipality of Quilmes, Mayra Mendozawas charged by the prosecutor Ramiro González, in the framework of the alleged irregular diversion of funds from her municipality to various cooperatives for a total of $535 million.

The irregularities on which the prosecutor asked to investigate have to do with millionaire contracts to cooperatives that were linked to various Quilmes officials.

In this way, they not only targeted the leader of La Cámpora, but also the former Undersecretary of Habitat of Quilmes, Sebastian Raspwhich would be linked to the La Estrella Cooperative and the Federation of Labor Cooperatives 1 de Mayo Ltda. They also charged Martin Bordalejoa lawyer and former Quilmes official who would be owner of companies and offshore accounts; Joseph Alexander Scozzari (Raspa y Bordalejo’s partner in an offshore firm), Romina Cangelosi (municipal employee), Alexander Gandulfo (municipal chief of staff) and Cecilia Soler (Secretary of Urban Development and Public Works of Quilmes).

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“This does not prevent the future of the investigation from being able to identify other subjects who participate in the denounced act,” warned Prosecutor González.

The cooperatives that the prosecution asked to analyze are the Federation of Worker Cooperatives 1º de Mayo LTDA; the La Estrella LTDA Work Cooperative; Work Cooperative for the future LTDA; Progress Work Cooperative LTDA; Work Cooperative Until Victory Always I LTDA; Rubén Rodríguez LTDA Work Cooperative; United Neighborhood Labor Cooperative LTDA; Work Cooperative La Unión de Azul LTDA; and Work Cooperative Imprenta 19 de Febrero LTDA.

Prosecutor González asked the National Institute of Associations and Social Economy (INAES) collect on all the funds received by these cooperatives, in addition to revealing if there are similarities in “common patterns such as addresses, emails, responsible persons, etc.”

The trigger of this investigation that now fell on the court of ariel is that part of these funds could have ended up in an offshore company in Miamiwhich is why international warrants were also requested in Miami to find out information on the offshore accounts of Sebastián Raspa, one of the beneficiaries of these millionaire contracts through his cooperatives.

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According to the complaint filed by lawyer Santiago Dupuy de Lomé, “the seven Raspa cooperatives have obtained a large number of contracts as a result of their friendship with Mendoza who, knowing this, authorized the contracts, neglecting the public funds that he must administer,” stating that such funds were not only directed towards the aforementioned offshore companies, but that they were also “to make money for his political group La Cámpora”.

The complaint added that “the people who would provide functions doing the jobs that are conferred on Raspa received social plans granted by the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation, without being granted any remuneration”, which is why “all public funds go to stop the personal coffers of Raspa and the others with the permission of Mayor Mendoza and her officials”.

Another of the measures requested by the prosecutor from Judge Lijo is a request for information from the municipality of Quilmes to receive the documentation related to the contracts awarded to the cooperatives, and requests for information from the General Inspectorate of Justice and control agencies to track information. on companies that would be related to the defendants.

Likewise, he also asked lift bank secrecy from the Central Bank and tax secrecy from the AFIP to access the data of these cooperatives in question.

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