They defraud with job offers from Amazon León by WhatsApp

León, Guanajuato.- Tomorrow will open amazon lion and scammers offer fake jobs at the new shipping center via WhatsApp messages.

Hi, I’m a hiring manager at Amazon. We invite you to work from home. Easily earn between 1,000 and 4,000 per day and get paid the same day. Those interested can add whatsapp”, says one of these messages.

The serious thing is that at the end of the text a link is added that, when clicked, the scammer steals the data of the cell phone user.

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Tomorrow the leading company in electronic commerce will make its inauguration in Pilba in León and the number of people who have received these types of messages has grown.

Marisa Vano, official spokesperson for Communications for amazon mexicoclarified that the company does not offer jobs to people’s cell phones through WhatsApp.

“Regarding job offers at Amazon that may be circulating on WhatsApp or similar direct chat platforms, we inform that the company’s job offers can be found on the job portal and can also be announced through the Jobs section on the Amazon profile on LinkedIn, and at @emplosamazonmexico on Facebook. Amazon Mexico does not offer jobs directly to people’s cell phones through WhatsApp,” he explained.

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