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Under the slogan “we are all Richard”, relatives and friends of the Barber, arrested by agents of the National Police and who died after being detained in a detachment, set up a picket in front of the Santiago Palace of Justice demanding that the Public Ministry submit to the justice to those responsible for this crime.

They explained that they decided to protest because a month has passed since the event and the prosecution body has not submitted any agent for the murder of Richard Báez (Barber), aged 28.

“A long time has passed and no one is in prison,” Yaritza Nicole Báez, the victim’s sister, complained.

The young man died on April 4 at the José María Cabral y Báez regional university hospital in Santiago, where he was being held after the attack. The autopsy report indicates that Barber He died of “blunt head trauma”, allegedly caused by police officers. 14 members of the Police are being investigated for the death of the young man.

Richard Báez, while being transferred by the agents themselves to the Cienfuego hospital from where he was transferred to Cabral y Báez, also from Santiago. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Yaritza Nicole assures that they themselves have provided convincing evidence that directly links a uniformed agent only identified as Aquino.

Among the evidence, he cited a video where his brother is seen bloodied, walking with several members of the Police, when he was taken to a hospital to treat the wounds that would have been caused by the blows while he was detained in the detachment.

Santa Báez, Richard’s mother, asked the authorities that there be no impunity in this case and that the full weight of the law falls against all those who participated in the death of her son.

Members of Citizen Participation and the National Human Rights Commission, Santiago branch, joined the demonstration.

Civil society organizations call on local and national authorities to take serious action on the actions being carried out by members of the National Police in relation to the “torture centers” that have been installed in the different detachments of the city of Santiago and the country.

They ask President Luis Abinader, as supreme commander of the National Police, to call a strike and to enforce the fundamental rights protected by the Constitution.

They warned that if necessary they will be denouncing these abuses before international organizations and seize the International Court of Human Rights.

what he was accused of

According to Santa Báez, Richard’s mother, he was a hairdresser, had a store and was a moneylender. He says that when he was arrested, while trying to enter his residence in the early hours of the morning, on March 21 of this year, officer Aquino made believe that a pistol was seized from him and that more than 35 thousand pesos were taken from him. , which his son demanded to be returned to him when he was already detained.

He denounced that Captain Aquino was transferred and works normally. “At the very door of his house, they grabbed him, pulled him, grabbed him and began to beat him, to look for such a gun, my son has never carried a firearm (…) they began to beat him and lowered him, raised more police officers searched for the firearm and found nothing, they called Captain Aquino and when Captain Aquino arrived, he went up the pedestrian and from there he came down with a gun in his hand. So if the policemen who were there searched and did not find, how does a gun appear after he (the captain) arrives, ”his mother denounced.

He maintained that they did not stop beating him until they reached the Cienfuego detachment, in Santiago Oeste, and that they even injected him in the hospital to kill him. Richard Baéz left behind three children and his wife is pregnant.

Graduated in Social Communication from the O&M University, he has more than a decade of journalistic practice. Proud father of Lía and Eva.

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