They denounce delays in the process to renew the driver's license in the City of Buenos Aires

Due to the flood of people who requested to renew their driving license, they denounce delays in the process. This adds to the confusion that exists due to the lack of knowledge about who should renew it and who should reprint it.

The most frequent thing when wanting to do the procedure is to find that there are no shifts available, being the most recurring complaint on social networks. From the Government of the City they recommend starting the procedures one month in advance.

Is that the current delay to get a shift to renew the credential can take up to 20 business days. Only so far in 2022 they printed 107,926 licenses while there were some 30,534 licenses renewed.

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Those who must renew the license are those who have the 2 year extension overdue The cost of renewal is 2,043 pesos plus 600 pesos for the traffic record certificate.

The reprint process is necessary for those due in January 2022 through February 14, 2025. The reprint It has a cost of $1,167 plus $600 pesos of the previously mentioned certificate.

The processing of both processes begins at but remember that delays are high and that either of the two procedures must be carried out in advance.

How is the new scoring system that will govern to manage throughout Argentina

What is the new driving test in CABA?

The Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires confirmed that soon will modify the practical and theoretical exam to receive the record.

Practical driving test in CABA

This test drive will be done in a Double command car contracted and outsourced by the Buenos Aires administrationwhere the driving technique, respect for the rules and coexistence with other actors will be evaluated.

The theoretical course

The theoretical course, meanwhile, will dictate virtually, seeking to optimize the process. However, it will be more complex: the questions go from 30 to 40 and will require 85% correct answers. Also, the exam time will be 40 minutes.

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