They denounce State violence against minors and women protesters of 11J
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MADRID, Spain.- The human rights platform YoSíTeCreo in Cuba denounced the increase in State violence against women and minors participating in the historic popular protests of July 11 and 12, 2021 (11J).

Through a post on Facebook this Wednesday he referred to the situation of Keilylli de la Morawho has once again been harassed, beaten and denounced for her political activism.

“This morning, Keilylli was once again threatened, arrested and beaten (while handcuffed). Keilylli was recently released with a fine of 200 for an alleged dispute with a neighbor sympathetic to the communist regime. Enough of the continuous harassment,” José Godoy had denounced on November 21.

The platform also reported that Lizandra Góngora was admitted for psychiatric reasons “to disqualify her way of thinking.” Góngora, sentenced to 14 years in prison, had been in a punishment cell for two months.

Regarding the minors arrested during the demonstrations, YoSíTeCreo in Cuba explained: “Today there is evidence of a repressive attack against the children arrested during the popular protests of the 11J, and their families, especially against the mothers who fought the most for their release. Minors were treated in different ways among them: some received changes in measures while others were temporarily released between May and July 2022. Given the passage of time, many are now over 18 years of age.


The publication highlights the cases of Rowland Castillo, son of Yudinela Castro, who had to return to prison, after a pass at home for several months; and that of Jonathan Torres, son of Bárbara Farrat, who is being tried on November 23 and 24 along with 17 other protesters.

These protesters are exposed to sentences of up to 13 years in prison for the alleged crimes of attack, public disorder, contempt and incitement to commit a crime.

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