They discharged the French student run over in Palermo

WHERE ARE THEY TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED! – – The reaction of the taxi driver seconds after running over the French tourists in the Palermo neighborhood. – – .mp4

The President of France, Emmanuel Macronin the meeting held this Friday with his Argentine counterpart, Alberto FernandezHe asked for “Soon the truth will be known” of what happened last Saturday in the traffic accident that caused the death of one of the three French students, Luana Bichiet, aged 25, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo. Accompanied by Fernández, Macron took advantage of the occasion to transmit his condolence to the girl’s family.

For his part, the third victim of the accident, Clemence Remeauhad been discharged from Fernández last Tuesday without sequelae “except the blows and the pain that it causes”.

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The incident happened on Saturday at noon a few meters from the corner of Santa Fe and Armenia avenuesin the area of Buenos Aires Botanical Gardenwhere three young French women who were in the country for an exchange trip were rammed by the taxi driver Jose Roger Parrondo (74), who lost control of the vehicle after suffering a decompensation.

In a video recorded by a woman, who witnessed the collision, it can be seen how after the impact the taxi driver regained consciousness and aboard the vehicle asked “Where is it? Tell me what happened”. According to sources from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health, “The taxi driver suffered a syncope and lost control of the car”.

“He suffered an episode of ventricular tachycardia that required electric shock and could be reversed”they explained and added that “It is estimated that he could have suffered a similar arrhythmia at the time he was driving”.

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The woman told him that she had run over “Many people”for which Parrondo is seen clutching his head and asking again: “Are you serious? I swear I didn’t see anyone. I fainted. I was faint. I don’t know what happened to me”.

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