They enter a young man's house and riddle him with bullets, in Irapuato

Violence in Irapuato, Guanajuato.- A young man was executed a gunshots this Wednesday afternoon in a House on the Colonia Lucio CabanasThose responsible fled.

The events occurred after 3 in the afternoon inside a house located on the corner of Calle 1 de Enero and Calle Héctor Alvarado, in the Lucio Cabañas neighborhood, behind the UMAP.

Violence in Irapuato: So far the identity of the man and how the attack occurred are unknown. Photo: Staff AM.

It is unknown how the events occurred and if the victim was in the company of other people, or if his attacker entered the house and killed him.

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Violence in Irapuato: The young man died in the house after the attack

Elements of the Municipal Police arrived at the scene and exchanged words with the relatives of the victim and authorized them to go to the home to verify what happened.

Civil Protection paramedics arrived at the scene and checked the victim, but he no longer had signs of life, so they notified the Public Ministry.

Upon arrival, the expert staff began to process the scene and once this was concluded, the body was taken to perform the necropsy of law.

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