They expand the rehabilitation center 'La Busca' to care for minors with addictions

Leon, Guanajuato.- The Center for the Prevention and Treatment against Addictions “The Search” renovated and expanded its facilities to treat minors, and will be presented on May 24.

This rehabilitation center is the only one in the region focused on young people from 12 to 17 years old; renovating the space took two years.

Paulino Sancheznational director of Association of Drug Addicts Anonymoussaid to A.M that the contribution of this place is vital for the fight against addictions, since it is a problem that has grown among the youngest.

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“Many of them are wandering the streets,” he lamented.

Today the main consumption of drugs is in glass, solvents, alcohol and marijuana.

He recalled that the Drug Addicts Anonymous groups originated in 1983 in Mexico Citybut it was in August 1996 when Leonese businessmen led by Gerardo Pons Zepeda in it Leon’s Board of Drug Addicts Anonymousinaugurated the The Search group.

As the months went by, the impact among young people was detected and the site specialized in serving this age group.

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What did the renewal of ‘The Search’ consist of?

In 2020, the project began to renew The search in Leo IIa work that required more than 11 million pesos to materialize.

As a result, its dormitories are now better adapted spaces, kitchens and meeting rooms have been improved, and a new dormitory building has been added.

These modifications will make it possible to increase care from 70 to 90 male adolescents.

“We have about 10 new kids who when they see the new house say ‘ah, don’t stain’, people are very motivated”.

So he commented Juan Diegoone of the center’s guides.

“When a person finishes their recovery process, they want to continue their life project, and then when they leave, they are a person who contributes to their environment, therefore this increase in capacity will allow the site to provide more opportunities for change so that more young people contribute,” he added. Paulino Sanchez.

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The facilities (located in Ceferino Ortiz in colony Leo II) will be inaugurated on May 24 by local and state authorities.

The Search has another Center in Leo I for adult men and women. This space is at 75% capacity and can receive 10 or 15 women or 20 men.

‘The Search’ changes his life

There are hundreds of stories in this place, one of them is that of Juan Diego, a young man who arrived when he was 14 years old.

“I thought of being alone for a while and then returning to what many people at that age like, partying, gossiping.”

However, over the months his perspective changed and now, after four years, he is one of the youth guides who come to rehabilitate The search.

The process of renovating the facilities coincided with his transition from being a young man in treatment to being one of the companions of those who are on site.

But in addition, now she is a student of the Psychology career. From thinking about going back to partying and drugs, he is now focused on helping those young people who arrive like he did one day.

The addiction problem has worsened as more and more young people seek help.

“Recently a 9-year-old person arrived, well his family, he came asking for help,” lamented Juan Diego.

However, the legal framework and work plan that governs The searchonly allows to serve adolescents from 12 to 17 years old.

They even detailed that there is a waiting list to be able to enter the center, which reflects that the problem of addictions worsened among minors.


  • The Adult Search: 477 172 33 54
  • The Search for minors: 477 762 00 93


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