(File) The Indian River police acted immediately on the complaints of the neighbors of the 93-year-old woman

US authorities They found the body of a 93-year-old woman inside the freezer of her homein the city of Sebastian, Florida. Her neighbors had not seen her for a long time, so the first suspicions were raised. and alerted the police to the situation. Then, an investigation was launched to try to find the person responsible for the macabre discovery that occurred in Indian River County on April 28.

When the officers arrived at the site and knocked on the door, no one answered; after several attempts, they thought the worst and they asked a relative of the woman to provide them with the keys to the home so they could come in to inspect. The incident occurred in the 100 block of Paddock Street, where officers they found something that was more shocking: Once they entered the house, there was also a 64-year-old woman, daughter of the deceased old woman, according to the statement from the Sebastian Police Department.

The investigation

When questioned, the alleged daughter of the lady said that she had not seen her mother for quite some time and that he hadn’t heard from her, even though he had searched the house. Similarly, the policemen searched the house and they found the body in a freezer in the garage.

The fatal victim was identified as Marie Hoskins, whose body was recognized by her relatives. Later, the daughter voluntarily went to the local police station for questioningalthough so far he is not accused of having participated in the possible homicide.

The next day, on April 29, police returned to Hoskins’ home with a search warrant. They recovered the woman’s body and also took the necessary samples to deepen in the analysis of the facts.

(File) The Indian River police acted immediately on the complaints of the neighbors of the 93-year-old womanDavid Becker/Getty Images/AFP

Boy’s body found in freezer in Las Vegas

It is not the first time that these types of findings have been recorded in the United States, since just a few months ago a child was also found dead inside the garage freezer of a house located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Authorities located the body after another child handed a note to a teacher, in which a mother of a family asked for help and assured that she was kidnapped in her own house and that he had not seen one of his children for months before.

Police identified a man and a woman leaving the house and immediately arrested them. She revealed to officers that the man was her boyfriend, but that he was abusing her and had her kidnapped, according to information she released. Telemundo.

Once The authorities entered the place, found the minor lifeless. Now, the woman’s boyfriend, who is also not the father of either of her two children, is the main suspect. He also managed to fool his neighbors who described him as a kind man. He faces kidnapping and murder charges.

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