For any information about Eliana Pacheco, contact the local police or 911.
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This afternoon police officers they found the ID of Eliana Pacheco in a field in Olmos, La Plata. This is the document of the 24-year-old girl who has been missing since Sunday.

“It was found, yes. But only that, neither the cell phone nor other belongings”, he confirmed to TN Naiara, the woman’s niece. In addition, she explained that this Friday the searches and the operation to find her whereabouts will continue.

For any information about Eliana Pacheco, contact the local police or 911.

According to reports, the document was found in a field on 183 streets between 47 and 49, where the cell phone antenna last recorded the young woman’s phone connection. It is a property difficult to access due to weeds and dense vegetation.

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“We are in a caravan”: the call the family received

In the last few hours, the audio of a mysterious call that Eliana’s family received after she disappeared. “We are in a caravan,” a woman who said her name is Yamila and was a friend of Pacheco is heard saying, from an unknown landline number. Later, at the insistence of the young woman’s sister to give her her address, the other replied: “What for? I’m telling you it’s okay.”

During the approximately seven minutes that the communication lastedthe caller said that Pacheco was asleep, presumably under the influence of some drug, and stated: “When she wakes up, I’ll send her home.”

“I call you for notify you that she is alive, or”, concluded the unknown woman, to the nervousness of the relatives, who have been desperately looking for her for four days.

For this audio, which has already been incorporated into the case, the police carried out a raid in the last hours in the La Favela neighborhoodbut they found no trace of the young woman.

“I won’t stop until I find you”

The despair surrounding the disappearance of Eliana Pacheco increases with each hour that passes without news from her. This is reflected in the posts of relatives and close friends of the woman on social networks.

“Love, we are going to find you life wherever you are. Many things are said that are not, my wife does not take drugs or anything like that. Do not get carried away by the comments and things that are not true, ”said Maximiliano, Eliana’s partner, on his Facebook profile. And he completed: “We are not going to stop until we find you life, wherever you are. Love, I love you black. As you always tell me, you are my other half.

The posts of Eliana Pacheco's partner on Facebook.
The posts of Eliana Pacheco’s partner on Facebook.

Eliana left her home in the city of La Plata around 6:00 p.m. on Sunday and took a bus to go to a fair located at 52 and 208, where she used to go to buy clothes. Her phone went off nearly an hour and a half later and the woman never returned, but a security camera record He showed that he arrived at that place, she was talking to a man on the corner and then she walked alone until she lost track of him.

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