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Still in amazement and in tears, pain and impotence, relatives and relatives of the two brothers found shot and stabbed to death on Sunday in the higuero river They assure that both were men dedicated to the company that they developed for many years “based on effort and sacrifice.”

Is about Nelson de Paula García, 40, and Anaiboni de Paula Vásquez, 39, who supposedly went to the river to bathe. The two men owned a plastic container factory in The Guaricanos, Santo domingo nortewhere one of them lived.

Asking for justice and for the fact to be clarified as soon as possible, the relatives say that the death of Nelson and Anaiboni was due to “envy”.

A woman cries at the coffin of one of the murdered brothers and whose bodies were found in the El Higüero river, in North Santo Domingo. (FREE DIARY/EDDY VITTINI)

“Envy has lost this world, gentlemen, the authorities have to do something, some effort, they were hard-working people and some criminals took their lives,” Mrs. Cristina García, aunt of both, complained.

He stated that in their hearts there is irreparable pain for the death of two people who day after day did the impossible to bring food to their homes and that nothing was missing.

In the cemetery, the pain was visible among the relatives of the victims, who only wondered in front of the coffins: why them?

the body of Nelson de Paula García has bullet wounds and that of Anaiboni de Paula Vásquez stab wounds.

The remains of the De Paula brothers were laid to rest at 11:45 a.m. Tuesday at Jardin Memorial Cemetery.

Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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