They inspire!  This is how America would play with the signings of Jonathan Rodríguez and Néstor Araujo

The America club announced this Tuesday, at least officially, his first reinforcement towards the Opening 2022 of the MX Leaguethis in the figure of jonathan rodriguez that without a doubt comes to be a starter in the squad of Ferdinand Ortiz.

After being knocked out in the semi-finals of the Closure 2022, the board decided to reinforce the azulcrema forward, an area that had brought many problems to ‘Tano’ and which will undoubtedly be feared with the arrival of ‘Cabecita’.

This, however, could not be the only signing made by the Coapa squad, since interest in the defender from the Celta Vigo Nestor Araujowhich could become an important figure within the great team that he intends to put together Ortiz ahead of the new season.

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This is how America could play in the 2022 Opening

not counting to Jurgen Dammwho is still on trial at the club, both Rodriguez What Araujo they would start the new semester in the starting lineup of ‘Tano’, which although they will not have to move some positions, there will be some modifications in others.

In goal, for example, William Ochoa it is more than insured; in defense, however, there would be a small exchange, because although louis sources, Sebastian Caceres Y Jorge Sanchez will remain at their posts, the arrival of Araujo would leave out Bruno Valdez.

In this case, it is important to remember that the board has looked for options to free up the foreigner position occupied by the Paraguayan, and the arrival of Nestor Araujo It will force the South American to look for a team because he would no longer have a place in Coapa.

Now, as far as the average is concerned, they would remain Alexander Zendejas, Richard Sanchez, Alvaro Fidalgo Y Diego Valdes, and would only join Peter Aquinas; but up front, the arrival of jonathan rodriguez would definitely leave out elements like Henry Martin and also Federico Vinaswhich left much to be desired the previous semester.

Without a doubt, ‘Cabecita’ could become the ‘bomb’ of the semester, since his quality is more than proven and his goalscoring instinct is not in doubt, and it is precisely these qualities that the azulcrema team has lacked the most in recent seasons.

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