They install a new bridge to give way again to the Pinar del Río road affected by heavy rains

Pinar del Río.- Engineering specialists from the Western Army and the Pinar del Río Military Region carried out the assembly of a mechanized bridge to once again link the head of the municipality of San Luis with the El Corojo Retiro Popular Councils by road. pot-bellied

The collapse of the bridge that existed in the place, as a result of the intense rains recorded in recent days, forced this temporary solution to be able to make way again through a road through which 70% of the resources of the economy circulate. Township.

The new structure measures 20 meters and can support more than 30 tons of weight, as reported by the Government of Pinar del Río on its social networks.

The source specified that on the other side of the bridge there are 10 productive structures of the municipality of San Luis and six offices of the family doctor and nurse.

In total, some 9,000 people live in the area, which to access by another route would imply an enormous distance and a considerable cost of fuel.

Division General Raúl Omar Acosta Gregorich, chief of the Western Army, and René Mesa Villafaña, Minister of Construction, arrived at the site to learn details about the work.

At the close of this information, the pedestrian crossing had already been restored, but other measures were needed so that the new structure is in a position to constitute a solution suitable for vehicles.

They install a new bridge on the Pinar del Río road affected by heavy rains Photo: Alina Cabrera Dominguez

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