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From liberalism they insist on crossing paths with Mauricio MacriThis is why, after the refusal of Together for Change to add Javier Milei to its space, the legislator Ramiro Mara invited the former president to join La Libertad Avanza. However, the response was not positive, with Cristian Ritondo being one of the most lapidary.

“We would have to add it to La Libertad Avanza. Let him come to the intern of La Libertad Avanza. Always giving more preponderance to ideas than to people, eh”, proposed Marra in the face of an eventual entry of Macri to the team led by Javier Milei.

Ramiro Marra: “A socialist or leftist Javier Milei would not have been successful”

In dialogue with Radio Rivadaviathe legislator and financial influencer added: “we are doing you a favorBesides, do you think that Macri wants to be with the radicals and with Lilita Carrió?

Marra continued with the criticism of Together for Change and argued: “The problem there is that there is a group of people who failed many times in Argentina, like the radicals, who are from the worst democratic governments. There is Lilita Carrió, who never managed anything and now she is nervous, she can’t file a complaint against us because we don’t have dirty laundry”.

“It’s like asking Messi to play for Deportivo Mandiyú”later published by the deputy Christian Ritondo on his Twitter in response to the invitation made from La Libertad Avanza. The message was accompanied by a journalistic note with Marra’s statements.

Ritondo’s response to the invitation.

In Ritondo’s analogy, macri It was compared to 10 of the National Team and now also 30 of PSG, while Javier Milei’s political space was put at the height of the Corrientes club that went through the First Division more than 25 years ago and, in addition, went bankrupt and disappeared.

You can also come to ‘Mandiyú’here there is mystic, swollen and we lay eggs”, replied Marra, redoubling the bet and added: “We all know that you are going to be more comfortable than with the bitter ones of the radicals, who must have your eggs on the plate”.

Tweet Marra
Marra redoubled the bet against Ritondo’s Chicana.

The Together for Change statement for Milei

Ten days ago, Together for Change issued a release who denied a possible coalition with the economist: “He is not part of JxC and tries to break our unity by being functional to the ruling party. We are the change without anarchy. We were and are, more than a decade ago, the limit to Kirchnerism that Argentina needs and the alternative of profound change”, they assured.

The document was issued after Patricia Bullrich, representative of the hard wing of JxC, had several meetings with Javier Milei and agreed with his ideas in public statements. The president even expressed her disagreement with the decision made within the space.

Together for Change closed the door to a pact with Milei: he targeted the “lukewarm pigeons”

“Dear: I consider that the decision to appoint Milei in a Together for Change statement it’s a total mistake. We define ourselves by ourselves and not by saying ‘no’ to other actors. On the other hand, I consider that the methodology was not transparent”, pointed out the president of the PRO.

The issuance of this statement caused disgust in the libertarian space, so Marra spoke about the issue in the interview: “They are the problem, not us. They have the problem. We never asked to join Together for Change. How are we going to get into a place we call ‘Together for the Charge? That statement shows that they have barbaric conflicts…”.


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