They involve Máximo Kirchner in the trial of public works

Federal prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola continued yesterday with their argument on the third day of the trial for public works whose main target is Vice President Cristina Kirchner, accused of alleged corruption in the public works granted to Santa Cruz between 2003 and 2015 .

After a new long day of more than eight hours, it was finally decided to go to intermediate room until Monday, where the prosecutors will continue with the accusation.

The great novelty that the day had was when, towards the end of the day, Luciani targeted the current national deputy for the Frente de Todos Máximo Kirchner. “The participation of Máximo Kirchner is proven” in the maneuvers, said the prosecutor.

Prosecutor Luciani continued with his allegations against the Kirchner family and pointed to Máximo Kirchner, whom he assured “his participation is proven.” “They typed every step of the public tender in Santa Cruz,” he said, noting the messages from former Kirchner official José López as proof.

“Máximo Kirchner had not held public office, but was in charge of the administration of different businesses of his mother,” he said. But he showed WhatsApp messages extracted from the phone of former Secretary of Public Works José López that stated an interest of Máximo Kirchner in a construction site of a hundred streets.

The dialogues were between López and the former deputy from Santa Cruz Marías Bezi, a personal friend of Máximo Kirchner, and also with the then official of the Ministry of Planning Abel Fatala, another of those accused in the Public Works case.

In one of these dialogues, López lets Bezi know about the progress of different works in Santa Cruz and Fatala affirmed that Máximo Kirchner “went through the works and asked for information about them.”

Interventions by Máximo Kirchner do not appear in the exhibited documentation, however for the prosecutor “it is more than clear that he was aware of what was happening in Santa Cruz.”

“Máximo Kirchner toured the works together with a person he closely trusted, Matías Bezi. When the accused wield that they did not know what was happening in Santa Cruz, it is not true, they handled all the tenders,” charged the prosecutor.

The affirmation seemed to anticipate that Luciani will request that deputy Kirchner be investigated for alleged “coordination” with the rest of the defendants.

Earlier, prosecutor Mola reviewed several tenders and there he made a section in which he quoted a statement before the Justice of the former Secretary of Public Works, José López. “In 2010, with Kirchner’s death, everything was suspended. In January 2011, the president called me and told me ‘you can be part of the problem or part of the solution’”.

“Cristina Fernández and (Julio) De Vido were not only aware of what was happening, but they were the ones who gave the orders, decided who was paid and who was not,” Mola said after citing the statement.

“Without starting the works, succulent advances were paid. The files talk, yell and everything else. You have to analyze them,” he explained.

The works under analysis. Since last Monday, prosecutor Luciani has been reviewing the 51 works included in the case. The evaluation was resumed yesterday in tender 19, related to the arrangements of a section of route 288. “There was speed in the processing of the tender and accreditation of payments, but not in requiring what was paid for,” he said. .

It was then followed by the bidding for a quarry remediation section. “The only thing that mattered was that the company born under the protection of the president won the tender, we fixed the rest. We are talking about funds from the State, from all Argentines, ”he said.

He also put the magnifying glass on the role of District 23 of Provincial Roads of Santa Cruz. He said that according to the testimonial statements “he did not supervise, he did not have the capacity to do so. Austral Construcciones machinery could never have carried out this project”.

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