They kill 'El Yisus' while he was talking with friends in León

Leon, Guanajuato.- A young man nicknamed “El Yisus” was murdered inside a local tennis court in the colony Buenos Airesin Lion.

The attack occurred at 10:10 at night in the business located on the Wigberto Jimenez Moreno Boulevard a few meters from Juan Jose Torres Landa Boulevard.

At that time, the young man of approximately 25 years was at the entrance of said business talking with the employees.

A few meters from the place, two men arrived on a motorcycle, one of them got out and walked to the premises.

The man pulled out a firearm and shot “El Yisus” several times before fleeing.

The attackers fled from the colony Buenos Aires for him Juan Jose Torres Landa Boulevard.

Neighbors reported the incident to 911.

Paramedics came and gave him first aid, but the young man had already died.

In the place, several shell casings were seized by which agents of the State Attorney General’s Office They came to collect facts.

Finally, the body was transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service where the necropsy of law will be practiced.


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