They launch a program for bus drivers to be cyclists for a day
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One of the most challenging issues has to do with the blind spots that are generated among drivers of large vehicles -such as buses or trucks-, and the most vulnerable traffic actors, such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. This is why it is important to train those who drive these vehicles.

For its part, 700 drivers of lines 29, 39, 61, 62, 65, 90 and 151 have already been trained and 200 more will be added from lines 34 and 109.

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Program axes

Next, the key points of “Leading Drivers”.

Work table with companies and their managers

An agenda of meetings is carried out in which key issues are addressed to establish a diagnosis and then deliver from GCBA a document with recommendations for improvement in terms of safe mobility.

Activities with the payroll of company drivers

Training and experiential activities are carried out. In the former, a module is taught on road safety issues and another on gender and disability together with COPIDIS (Commission for the Full Participation and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities). The meetings and encounters are both face-to-face (within the GCBA offices or companies) and virtual, with the management teams of the lines/companies and with the drivers.

In the experiential activities, real contexts are recreated and, in an interactive way, spaces for exchange and reflection of the drivers together with the neighbors are generated.

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