They look like pajamas!  Athletes from Guanajuato receive 'giant' uniforms

Two little sportswomen Guanajuato received oversized uniforms to compete in the National Games Conade 2022.

According to a complaint on social networks, these are two girls who received uniforms of a very different size to yours.

“How sad, @diegosinhue, that they do not pay attention to athletes who are going to represent Guanajuato in the 2022 Nationals, with uniforms that look like pajamas, it is not fair @gobiernogto, @CODEGuanajuato, @marcohgr”.

The complaint on networks was published on Sunday night, along with two photos of the girls with pants, t-shirt and jacket from the Guanajuato delegation that competes in the Nationals in various venues.

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The Guanajuato athletes with the giant uniforms.

Photos: Twitter

Answer Code Guanajuato

Marco Gaxioladirector of the State Sports Commission, also responded in networks and apologized for the “failure”.

“What an unfortunate failure on our part. We ask for an apology, hoping to comfort the grievance, in some way and soon.

User Gerardo Trujillo also responded to the original post:

“This has ALWAYS happened. I remember when I had to represent Guanajuato in the basketball nationals and they gave me sneakers four sizes above my size and a size S short. I thought that had already been resolved.”

Guanajuato competes with 794 athletes in the National Games (formerly the National Olympiad), with representation from 27 municipalities in 40 disciplines. At the moment, Guanajuato is in position 10 of the medal table, with 18 gold, 25 silver and 29 bronze medals.

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