They met by chat, she traveled from the US to La Plata to meet him and was shot at
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They had met in USA Y they kept in touch through the internet. According to the woman’s account, they agreed to a reunion in Argentina, for which she moved from the United States to La Plata to see the 31-year-old Argentine with whom he had agreed a second date.

The meeting fell apart because the man received her with a shotgun and fired several times into the air, after having aimed at the victim’s face. After the shocking event, she filed the corresponding complaint and the Police ended up sequestering an arsenal of weapons and ammunition from the attacker’s home.

Links through the Internet, whether they are web pages or dating applications, carry their dangers. Although the woman who starred in the event has no injuries and she is out of danger, she experienced moments of maximum tension on 161 and 52 streets, in Los Hornos.

Reception “to the shots”

The individual with whom he had agreed to meet he received her “out of his mind”, he began to shout and shoot into the air with a shotgunalthough he did not injure the victim, with whom he had been talking for “months”.

Justice identified the aggressor, in whose home the Buenos Aires Police kidnapped a arsenal of weapons and ammunition which included a 9 mm Bersa brand pistol, a Goliath brand 32 caliber revolver, a Brent brand 22 pistol and a Hatsan brand 12/70 caliber shotgun.


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