They ordered preventive detention for 60 days for the young man who brutally beat the beach player in Monserrat

The young man was fugitive five months since from the day of the event his arrest was ordered, but he had not appeared before the authorities and Justice had not been able to find his whereabouts. Finally, he turned himself in and refused to testify before the prosecutor. Mauro Terezko in the indictment for crime of serious injury as a result of the punch he hit the beach player Arthur Lopezwho remains internship.

The incident occurred on November 19, 2021 in the parking lot located in Moreno at 800when the young man was with his mother and kept a argument with López, 66, over an alleged scratch on the car he had left parked there. So it was that the minor hit the beachgoer, who instantly vanishedand the attacker he left without assisting him.


Some days ago, Augustinethe beach player’s daughter, explained that her father still in the clinicwhere you do the rehabilitation corresponding for the serious consequences left by the punch that the minor gave him. “Dad is still in the clinic. A little more than five months have passed since this happened. It was a comprehensive rehabilitation, both physical and cognitive, due to the trauma caused by this pineapple”he told in statements to La990.


In addition, he commented that his father had two clots: one on the front side and one on the side. And he also suffered fractured cheekbone: “There were two impacts, one from the blow and the other when it fell into the gap. We had a time when he did not recognize us, a state where he did not know anything, he did not understand anything“.

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