They point out that this judge of 'La Voz Kids' is unbearable with the public and the staff

Mexico City.- Information was recently leaked indicating that the production of the program La Voz Kids, by aztec tv, They are going through several problems, this is because one of the celebrities who was hired as a coach is behaving in a certain way and making various differences in the reality show, to such an extent that they already brand him as unbearable.

Just five days after the premiere of the singing reality show in its children’s version, the problems and gossip among the production have already begun, since everything indicates that the producers, mainly, are the ones who are going through a major crisis.

Five days after starting the reality show, Joss Favela is giving several problems. Photo: Special.

In the Kids version of the La Voz program, the celebrities were hired: Paty Cantu, Maria Leon, Mau and Ricky Y Joss Favelaas coaches, who interact with the little ones and will evaluate them week after week, but everything indicates that there are already problems not only between them, but with the production and even with the contestants.

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Many thought that she could be the former member of limbo beachthe sons of Ricardo Montaner or Lu, but to the surprise of many it is the Mexican regional singer, Joss Favela, who is being very arrogant.

The other coaches: Paty Cantú, María León, Mau and Ricky have the best attitude. Photo: Special.

According to information from the magazine TV Notas, the singer, whose career is just taking off, is pointed out as problematic and that his ego does not let him hit the ground, since he does not lend himself to dynamics and in general does not cooperate with his peers or with the production team.

It transpired that Favela has shown himself to be disinterested in the performance of the little ones who are part of the team that he himself selected, in addition he does not want to take photos with the public or with his teammates, there are even those who remember that David bisbal was more accessible, like Yuridia.

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