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The federal judge of Río Gallegos Claudio Vázquez prosecuted Franco Ezequiel Castelliformer soldier and member of the group federal revolutionwho in a live Twitter Space session was questioned about why hadn’t he killed to the deputy of the Frente de Todos, maximum kirchner.

The magistrate also ordered “the prohibition of approach and communication of Castelli with respect to the deputy Máximo Kirchner and any member of the family environment”.

“You can’t get close to a distance less than 200 meters from where the aforementioned are locatedfor the purpose of safeguarding their personal security,” the resolution established.

Franco Castelli.

Castelli was prosecuted by the article 213 bis of the Penal Code (the same that the Buenos Aires judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi applied to other members of the far-right organization) that establishes penalties of up to eight years in jail for those who are part of groups that “have the objective of imposing their ideas or combating those of others by force”.

Máximo and Mayra Mendoza in the paravalanche: in photos, all the color of the crowd that clamored for Cristina

Who is Franco Ezequiel Castelli?

Castelli, a 27-year-old from Chaco and former volunteer soldier, was prosecuted for his participation in the discussions on Twitter in which “hate messages were planned, coordinated and disseminated, intimidating acts and violent demonstrations; making use of social networks and the mass media to summon and propagate these intentions”.

He was also investigated by a military discipline court, which found that “He would have participated in public demonstrations that could be considered threatsinstigation to commit crimes, incitement to violence and apology for crime against national authorities”.

In fact, the member of the Federal Revolution no longer belongs to the armed forces.

The “non-investigation” of Capuchetti “is unsustainable”: Cristina Kirchner questioned the continuity of the judge

“How come you didn’t kill him asshole?”

As evidence, the judge relied on “an exchange between Castelli and Jonathan Morell (…) in which the latter asks the defendant ‘Are you still going to Máximo’s house, right? Yes, because you are from Santa Cruz…How did you not kill him asshole?‘”.

“I am convinced that the evidence gathered is consistent and harmonious with each other, allowing the articulation of a charge hypothesis that -with the provisionality typical of the stage in trance- is presented as credible both in regard to the materiality of the fact and to the criminal responsibility that Castelli bears for his commission,” explains the ruling that issued Castelli’s prosecution.

Attack on CFK: the evidence presented by the AFI against the Federal Revolution: “Uhh, how come you didn’t kill him, idiot?”

“It is not being considered that these statements have led to acts typical of the beginning of the execution of crimes of this caliber; more the mere intervention of the defendant in a group that promotes hatred and fear is enough to configure the fact investigated“, argued the judge of Río Gallegos Claudio Vázquez.

“I cannot overlook in this sense that contemporaneously with these events occurred the assassination attempt perpetrated against the current Vice President of the Nation, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner“, he sentenced.


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