Luis Miguel Etchevehere and his brothers 20221124
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The lawyer and agricultural producer Luis Miguel Etchevehereformer Minister of Agroindustry of the government of Mauricio Macriwas prosecuted together with a part of his family for the crime of emptying business of “The Diary” of Paraná. At the same time, the former official was also dismissed from the case known as “Las Margaritas.”

The Judge of Guarantees Carola Bacaluzzo prosecuted the former president of the Argentine Rural Society and his brothers, arturo sebastian Y Juan Diegoand the mother of the three, Leonor Maria Magdalena Barbero Marcial. The ruling also reached the former shareholder of Sociedad Anónima Entre Ríos (SAER), Walter Grenonand his sister, Viviana Grenonand the businessman German Buffa.

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The accusation pointed to two facts. In the first, they were accused by the alleged diversion of credits in dollars taken for one purpose and used for another and on this point the magistrate ordered the dismissal. In the second, the judge decided the prosecutions after the investigation of the real estate transfer which were part of the patrimony of SA Entre Rios who would have had the aim to empty your asset.

Emptying of “El Diario” of Paraná

In this file, Dr. Bacaluzzo processed Viviana Graciela Grenón, Leonor María Magdalena Barbero Marcial and Germán Esteban Buffa as perpetrators of the crime of “fraudulent administration” and Walter Roberto Grenón, Luis Miguel Etchevehere, Arturo Sebastián Etchevehere and Juan Diego Etchevehere as “necessary participants“of this crime.

In the tax accusation, it was stated that the now accused, in their capacity as directors, contemporaries and successive of the firm Public Limited Company of Entre Ríos (SAER), abusively forced the company whose assets and interests they managed and managed, harming it, by approving the sale of real estate located in the cities of Paraná and Diamante.

The former Minister of Agroindustry, Luis Miguel Etchevehere.

The operations counted on the “essential cooperation“of Grenón, a partner of SAER and of the companies Arroyo Ubajay SA and Nexfin SA, and of the former Macrista official and his brothers, of the firm Construcciones del Paraná SA. In this sense, they are accused of leaving the company “decapitalized real estate with which guarantee and fulfill its obligations contractual, commercial, financial and fiscal”.

In this last way, the document states that the directors of SAER agreed as “guarantee of those mutuals the sale of the same for a value very below market Y to one’s own revaluation“.

The first fact

In the case known as “The daisies”the Prosecutor’s Office attributed to the mother and brothers of Luis Miguel Etchevehere “in their capacity as directors of the company Las Margaritas SA”, and to the former minister as “accomplice” of having requested loans from Banco Itaú for U$S 250,000 at a subsidized rate.

Luis Miguel Etchevehere and his brothers 20221124
Luis Miguel Etchevehere and his brothers.

These were going to be “destined for productive activities” but, instead, they would have been “distributed among them for personal purposes” and other than those requested. Also that the repayment of such credits “was agreed in US dollars, at an annual rate of 8%, and for five years”, while those named returned the money to the company through deferred payment checks in Argentine pesos and to a “more beneficial annual fixed rate, so that while the value of the dollar rose, the values ​​of the installments to pay became more expensive” to the bank.

In this case, they were charged with “fraudulent administration” and “attempted fraudulent administration” and the judge decided to dismiss them.


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