They raid the Canning hotel where the Venezuelans and Iranians from the plane held in Ezeiza are

Judge Federico Villena ordered the search of the Plaza Canning hotel, where the Venezuelans and Iranians of the aircraft held in Ezeiza.

At the scene, the entire crew of the aircraft was identified, who were staying on the 1st and 2nd floors. and 3rd. From the Hotel, who were identified as:

1) Mario José ARRAGA URDANETA. PA: 0459660200. Administrator position. room 106
2) Victor Manuel PEREZ GOMEZ. PA: 0459660624. Pilot. room 108
3) Victoria Vanessa VALDIVIEZO MARVAL. PA: 1616786674. Load Master. room 209
4) Jose Gregorio GARCIA CONTRERAS. PA: 1373173186. Aeronautical Technician. room 110
5) Cornelio Antonio TRUJILLO CANDOR. PA: 1411755086. Pilot. room 215
6) Vicente Antonio RAGA YOU HAD. PA: 1489306698. Pilot. room 204
7) Jose Miguel RAMIREZ MARTINEZ. PA: 085938119. Cabin crew. room 107
8) Zeus Andres ROJAS VELASQUEZ. PA: 154466370. Pilot. room 203
9) Jesus Enrique LANDAETA ORAA. PA: 1597741600. Pilot. room 206
10) Armando Marcano ESTREDO. PA: 148881053. Security. room 114
11) Ricardo Antonio RENDON OROPEZA. PA: 119048779. Pilot. room 316
12) Albert Eloy GINEZ PEREZ. PA: 081163502. Aeronautical Technician. room 213
13) Angel Marín OVALLES. PA: 106064490. Head of Division. room 212
14) Nelson Alberto COELLO. PA: 09330736. Flight dispatcher. room 205
15) Mohammad KHOSRAVIARAGH. PA: Z46712462. Engineer. room 112
16) Gholamreza GHASEMI. PA: M51374791. Instructor, pilot, captain. room 304
17)Mahdi MOUSELI. PA: W53630645. Engineer. room 302
18) Saied VALI ZADEH. PA: 154801981. Engineer. room 307
19)Abdolbaset MOHAMMADI. PA: R44510666. Engineer. room 309

Likewise, their rooms were inspected, and as a result, the following were seized: EIGHTEEN (18) CELL PHONES, SEVEN (07) NOTEBOOKS, FIVE (05) IPADS, FIFTEEN (15) PASSPORTS OF VENEZUELAN NATIONALITY; AND VARIED DOCUMENTATION OF INTEREST FOR THE CAUSE.

The secretary of the acting Magistrate, who participated in the measure, ordered:
1) fingerprint files of the deceased are obtained to subsequently be sent for comparison to the different national and international organizations, in order to reliably establish their identities.
2) Regarding the seized documentary, it will be interdicted for later analysis by this Unit.
3) Regarding electronic devices, they will be sent to the Computer Crimes Division of the City Police, for the extraction of their content through UFED, and later they will be sent to this Unit for analysis.

Lastly, the Planning and Development Superintendency of this Argentine Federal Police, in charge of loading the SIFCOP, was asked to prevent the entire crew from leaving the country. It is recorded that all those named maintain a status of ambulatory freedom with “impediment from leaving the country.”


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