They recorded a UFO near the Uritorco hill, in Capilla del Monte, and the tourists went crazy
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A Mexican account of TikTok shared the sighting of a UFO which took place near the mythical Uritorco Hill in Córdoba. The video quickly went viral and sparked debate between those who see it as proof of alien existence and those who are suspicious.

A group of people from Capilla del Monte recorded with their cameras the appearance of a paranormal presence in the sky at night. In the images you can see the surprising appearance of an Unidentified Flying Object for a long time that scared the witnesses of the event.

UFOs in Argentina: this is how the agency specialized in analyzing national cases works

during filming a group of people is heard between fascinated and frightenedsome ask for NASA, others simply scream and others laugh at the concern caused by not understanding what is happening.

Two UFOs chased three Aerolíneas Argentinas planes heading to Bariloche

In the video a line of lights is seen glowing against the night sky going up a mountain. “It’s a UFO”, says one of the women behind the camera. The question was left open for those who reproduced, more than a million and a half people, the content of the account @atado_al_misterio94, which cites the diffuse in the credits “to whom it may concern”.

“There are cell phones on the market with 80,000 megapixels… Even so, the rare, mysterious, paranormal or UFOs…will ALWAYS be recorded with a Nokia 1100,” commented one, mocking the poor quality of the recording. Others expressed their enthusiasm for getting to know Capilla del Monte, others commented on their paranormal experiences and there was no shortage of those who questioned the shouting of the protagonists.


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