They register earthquakes of magnitude 5.5 in Peru and Colombia

The National Seismological Center of Peru recorded this Thursday a magnitude 5.5 earthquake with an epicenter 30 kilometers from the district of Chilca, located in the department of Lima.


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The telluric movement had a depth of 49 kilometers, causing several landslides in the Costa Verde region and other areas of the nation, events of which several social network users posted videos.

Almost in unison, an earthquake of the same magnitude (5.5) was recorded located in the Valle del Cauca region, Colombia, reported the Geological Service of that Latin American nation.

According to the first bulletin issued by the seismological authorities, the tremor was located at a depth of 50 kilometers.

Likewise, the entity detailed that the tremor was perceptible in several regions of Colombia such as Calima, 25 kilometers (km) from the epicenter, Restrepo, 33 km, and Riofrío, 39 km.

Until now, official sources had not reported the occurrence of material or human damage as a result of the tremors.

Although this region is active with respect to tremors, it is rare that two perceptible earthquakes occur almost simultaneously in two countries, and that they have the same magnitude, as in this case.

On April 14, two earthquakes were recorded almost simultaneously in the central zone of Chile, of magnitude 3.5 and 4.9, respectively.

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