They reject defamation against indigenista disappeared in Brazil

Employees of the government’s National Indian Foundation (Funai), an entity in charge of indigenous public policies, began a 24-hour strike on Tuesday to demand greater security for workers in the Amazon jungle and repudiate the defamation against specialist Bruno Pereira and the journalist Dom Phillips.


Protest over disappearance of indigenous and journalist in Brazil

Another reason for the movement was the declarations of the president of Funai, Marcelo Xavier da Silva, who after the disappearance of the indigenist Bruno Araújo Pereira and the English correspondent Dom Phillips, on June 5, said that they were in unauthorized areas of the Amazon.

Given the indignation, a retraction was demanded, but the president of the entity did not issue any apology, for which the strike broke out.

The Union of Indigenous Peoples of Vale do Javari (Univaja) responded that Bruno Araújo Pereira had a license to enter indigenous territory before his disappearance in the Amazon.

The entities of Funai employees and indigenous organizations denounced the government of Jair Bolsonaro for withdrawing career officials specialized in the most sensitive area of ​​treatment of indigenous peoples by the military and rural businessmen in favor of reducing control.

In a letter sent to Marcelo Xavier, the indigenous workers also demand the immediate dispatch of public security forces to guarantee the physical integrity of those who work in the Vale do Javari Protection Bases – Quixito, Curuçá and Jandiatuba, as well as in the headquarters of the RC of Vale do Javari and CFPE-VJ, region where Bruno and Dom disappeared.

In the document, they also demand the immediate dispatch of a working group to support the servers and activities of the CR Alto Solimões and Vale do Javari, as well as the FPE-V.

The indigenists warn that since the beginning of the incident, which began on the 5th and has now aroused growing international condemnation, the workers have been left alone to carry out their duties, and despite the growing threat of real violence.

The decision to initiate the movement in the absence of a retraction from the president of Funai was made in a meeting held this Monday afternoon by employees of representative entities of the category.

Funai employees held an act in front of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, in Brasilia, on the morning of this Tuesday.

The workers ask for the retraction of the president of Funai, Marcelo Xavier da Silva, for his speeches about the work of the indigenista Bruno Pereira, as well as more security for the workers in the protected areas.

Bruno and Phillips were last seen when they arrived in the community of São Rafael around 06:00 on Sunday, June 5, where they spoke with the wife of the community leader nicknamed “Barbacoa”.
From there they left for Atalaia do Norte, a trip that lasts approximately two hours, but they did not reach their destination.

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