Prosecutor Sergio Mola during the allegations in the Vialidad case

While the arguments of the trial of the Vialidad case are taking place, in which Vice President Cristina Kirchner is accused of having led an illicit association, the Bar Association of the city of Buenos Aires came out to support the actions of the prosecutors Diego Luciani Y Serge Mola, who were harshly criticized by government officials. The entity also rejected “Any form of pressure or political interference with the Judiciary or the Public Ministry”.

“The Bar Association of the city of Buenos Aires repudiates statements by officials about the actions of prosecutors Luciani and Mola. And it asks to protect the independence of the judicial system,” the organization said in a statement.

In this way, the Buenos Aires lawyers rejected the declarations of the Minister of Justice, Martin Soriaand of his second John Martin Menaamong other officials who expressed their support for Cristina Kirchner in the first days of the allegations in the Vialidad case, which has twelve other defendants, including former Federal Planning Minister Julio de Vido.

“The independence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Judiciary constitutes a fundamental pillar of the rule of law. It is inadmissible that officials of the Executive Branch, both national and from the province of Buenos Airesin the exercise of their positions, criticize the future of a judicial process that, with all the constitutional guarantees, is in the process of being processed”, remarked the Bar Association.

Along the same lines, he urged “government authorities to respect the guarantees established by the National Constitutionparticularly in jurisdictional matters.

Prosecutor Sergio Mola during the allegations in the Vialidad case

Finally, the entity assured: “Carry forward, in a timely manner, the judicial investigation regarding acts of corruption against the National State and do so within the framework of due process, by judges and natural prosecutors who can carry out their teaching with independence, it is unavoidable for consolidate the transparency of government acts and the institutional quality of Justice demanded by Argentine society as a whole”.

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