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As a way of contributing to the conservation of coastal and marine spaces, two foundations carried out separate cleaning days this Saturday in the Beaches of Fort San Gil and Güibia Tortuga of the National District.

The work done this Saturday morning Lama Foundation, next to Plaza Lamaand the Blue Life Foundationhave a common goal: to make the population aware of the importance of these spaces and urge them to take up this cause.

Oscar Oviedo, president of Vida Azul, indicated that today’s work is part of the continuation of the “Team Seas” initiative, launched last year by youtubers Mark Rober and Mr Beast in the Dominican Republic.

When asked about the progress of the initiative, Oviedo indicated that the most notable thing is “awareness. People wonder why we clean the beach if tomorrow it will be just as dirty, what will be different is us”.

Oscar Oviedo, president of the Vida Azul Foundation. (FRANCISCO ARIAS/FREE DAILY)

“The goal is that we can go back to 40 years ago, when you went to school and used a glass bottle that was returnable; There was no plastic problem. If we are advancing at a technological level, why are we worse off at an environmental level? ”, She stated, while noting that the change begins with us.

He assured that currently around 12,000 people have participated in the campaign, however, they hope to reach 200,000 collaborators in the year and a half that remains to the campaign, only in the Dominican Republic, where some 80 tons of waste.

Although not all the waste removed is recycled, Vida Azul specifically seeks PET plastic bottles, which are used for soft drinks and water, and HDP or high-density plastic, which corresponds to oil and vinegar containers. which are the ones with the largest market for recycling purposes, according to what Oviedo explained.

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Participation of children to raise awareness from an early age

staff of the Lama Foundation He stated that they brought children to the day this Saturday so that from an early age they would be aware “of what it means to take plastic and all the garbage to the beach.”

The Deputy Minister of Marine Coastal Resources, José Ramón Reyes, participated in the day, who indicated that the area is a nesting space for turtles and other species that when they leave “they cannot pass through the garbage to lay their eggs.”

Graduated from the UASD of the career of Social Communication, mention in Journalism. She has participated as a collaborator in radio programs and as a journalist in El Nuevo Diario and Diario Libre.

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