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MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban Yamila Batista was assassinated on November 20 by her partner in the Mantilla neighborhood, in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality of the capital.

“We regret the femicide of Yamila Batista, which occurred yesterday, November 20, in Mantilla, Havana, at the hands of her partner. She is survived by two children. We send our condolences to family and close people, ”she wrote in Facebook lThe platform that defends women’s rights YoSíTeCreo in Cuba.

According to comments from people close to him, the attacker turned himself in to a municipal police unit.

According to her Facebook profile, Batista worked as an accountant in a TRD Caribe store and had graduated as an average technician in Accounting and Finance.

The victim’s hairdresser, Surima Vidal, shared a moving message on social networks, where counted their last meeting, which occurred the same day as the murder.

“Yesterday once again you came to my house early to get your hair done. You told me ‘I’m horrible, make me pretty as only you know how to do’. As soon as you arrived I gave you a cup of coffee just made the way you liked it, then we went to picnic areas and we had lunch. We laughed because they turned off the power like twice and you already had dyed hair and there was still a bit of work to do. Then came the moment in which you showed me that beautiful smile that characterizes you and told me ‘divine my friend, thank you very much for always being there when I write to you without having to turn’. You came out with your tourniquet. We kissed and we didn’t see each other anymore. If I came to know that it would be the last goodbye, I would never have let you leave my house. You don’t know how much your departure and your loss hurt me. I still don’t conceive it. Wherever Yamila is, my heart and that of many will be with you,” Vidal said.


So far in 2022, the platforms that provide support to women in situations of sexist violence in Cuba have recorded 33 femicides. Throughout 2021, 36 femicides were recorded, four more violent deaths than in 2020 when they registered 32 (including four vicarious femicides).

In the middle of this month, the Cuban Women’s Network, together with other organizations defending women’s rights, launched the campaign #WeHaveNameto demand a gender law in Cuba that guarantees protection standards for women.

From its social networks, the feminist platform called to support the campaign and stressed that “Cuban women cannot continue waiting until 2028 for a Comprehensive Gender Law, we need to act as soon as possible.”

Among what these platforms demand is “legitimize and make official the necessary data on gender violence, which allow effective public policies to be carried out”; “promote comprehensive prevention campaigns that involve all of civil society, and mix information on risk factors and protective factors”; as well as “guarantee comprehensive affective-sexual education from an early age in schools and in the Cuban family, with an approach based on equality and violence prevention, which generates children and adolescents prepared to identify and reject violent behaviors and establish healthy relationships”.

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