China Suárez asked for 8 million pesos to be a jury in Sing with me now

Eugenie ‘the China’ Suárez would be about to embark on a new work project to promote his new career as a singer. Apparently, she decided to leave acting aside to make way for a new facet as a jury in sing with me now, Marcelo Tinelli’s new program which will be issued by eltrece. As they revealed, to participate there he asked for a millionaire figure.

The former star of ATAV (eltrece) is going through a great personal moment. After confirming her relationship with Rusherking, the new couple made a romantic getaway to Mexico to rest. Likewise, she began to venture into the world of music and has already released a song. Now, she was tempted to participate in sing with me now and would have ordered one large sum of money to be on the jury.

In relentless (el nueve), Gustavo Méndez referred to the future employment of Rufina’s mother, Magnolia and Amancio. “Marcelo Tinelli summoned her. They already had talks to be a jury. Obviously, they tell me, It has a higher cachet than Pampita’s at the time in Dancing for a Dream (eltrece), which was the best pay. They are willing to negotiate and hire her”, she maintained.

China Suárez one step away from Sing with me now

Likewise, the panelist of the Susana Roccasalvo program revealed what the model’s reaction was to the proposal. “China was excited because, obviously, there is no scandal in this format. So, she who is launching into song, released a song a little while ago, it seems that she has one foot, for now, in the Tinelli program ”.

A few days ago, Marcelo Tinelli shared on his Instagram account the first images of the new program that will once again lead him. Y, among those summoned to integrate the jury, is China Suárez. After the information that she requested a number with several zeros to the right, Estefanía Berardi revealed in very morning (Ciudad Mágazine) what would have been the number in question.

“China Suárez is one of the confirmed ones. They already agreed. She had asked for a fortune in silver, so at that time it was not known if they were going to say yes “indicated the panelist, while adding: “He asked for 8 million pesos per month”.

The millionaire figure that China Suárez asked for to be in Sing with me now

“For example. On Monday two programs are recorded and there he takes a million pesos. Are 500 thousand per program. In total it gives approximately 8 million a month”, Berardi maintained according to how much the actress would charge if her request is approved. For her part, “Pampito” Perelló Aciar indicated that the budget she has Sing with me now it is nine million pesos per episode.

China Suárez asked for 8 million pesos to be a jury in Sing with me now Instagram

Regarding the dynamics of the proposal, which is produced by LaFlia, the panelist remarked: “With this program Marcelo Tinelli does not want scandals, that is why the level of people”. For these reasons, he commented that they aim to have an international figure like Cristian Castro on the jury. Everything would indicate that the formerAlmost angels will return to the small screen with a new facet as a jury.

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