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After two weeks of issuing the resolution that prohibited the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages from midnight in the Santo Domingo province, this Tuesday the Ministry of Interior and Police annulled the measure, after reaching an agreement with the owners of nightclubs.

The resolution was revoked despite the fact that the authorities of the Ministry of Interior and Police They affirmed that the country managed to have a reduction in crime between 14 and 16% during the two weeks that the measure was in force.

Starting this Friday, businesses will be able to sell alcoholic beverages until regular business hours, that is, from Thursday to Sunday until 2:00 in the morningwhile Friday and Saturday will be until 3:00 in the morning, as reported Ricardo FortuneInterior and Police spokesman.

The owners of bars and nightclubs must meet periodically to review compliance with the agreement made this Tuesday and if it is not fulfilled, the Ministry of Interior and Police will reapply the lifted measure.

The owners of night businesses applauded the decision of the Interior and Police, while commenting that during the period of the measures they had losses of more than 200 million pesos.

Fortuna added that the nightlife centers will be permanently monitored and that they will work to maintain the percentage of citizen security in the country.

“It is positive that we are working. It is assumed that with what has been generated today what you are going to have is a noticeable drop in factual issues around your business”Ricardo Fortune Spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior and Police

During the meeting, the senator for the province of Santo Domingo, Antonio Taveras, was present, who affirmed that a dialogue and consensus meeting will be held permanently between business owners and the authorities to verify that they are complying with the measures agreed this Tuesday.

President of the Dominican Federation of Merchants, Iván García. (FREE DAILY/ NEAL CRUZ)

Centers commit to preserve citizen security

The Dominican Union of Owners of Nightlife Centers pledged to him Ministry of Interior and Police to contribute to the Government to preserve social peace and levels of citizen security in the Dominican Republic.

Among the initiatives mentioned are that the agents of the General Directorate for the Control of Alcoholic Beverages (Coba) They will carry out rigorous inspections in all affiliated establishments.

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In addition, they must illuminate the entire front of the establishments, their parking lots and the perimeter of their premises.

Likewise, the owners of entertainment centers will have to install security cameras outside their facilities and inside the premises, to which the authorities will have access as many times as necessary.

Similarly, they must install firearms and metal detectors to comply with the ban on these establishments.

Also, business owners pledged to comply with the prohibition of controlled substances and, in case of observing them, they must notify the corresponding authorities.

Establishments must guarantee that the alcoholic beverages they sell are not adulterated and that, in the event that the client is in a notorious state of intoxication, suspend the sale of alcoholic beverages. alcohol.

Among the agreed measures is also to avoid noise pollution that may affect the residents of the environment. As explained in the agreement document, this measure will be monitored by the Ministry of Interior and Police.

Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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