Estiwar G was given an unexpected surprise on 'Masterchef': "It's a child's dream"

Although the meeting had as its central theme the proposals for the care of the environment, Federico Gutierrez took the opportunity to bring up the words of the Petrista leader Isabel Cristina Zuleta elected to Congress by the Historical Pact and who appeared in a viral video giving instructions to a group of people.

“We already burned Fajardo and it was a hard task… I’m going to leave talking about ‘Fico’ with everything we have saved from him. We need you to be aware of the strategy so that you can replicate it,” says the woman on the recording.

Consequently, the popular ‘Fico’ took the opportunity to lament the fact and criticize Petro’s absence in the debate.

“Sergio and I saw this Mrs. Zuleta saying: ‘We finished Sergio already.’ I have solidarity with Sergio because I can’t let the sector that didn’t come say that we’ve already finished one and we’re going to rise, which is because of me”, said Gutiérrez.

and although Sergio Fajardo He did not add anything about it, the one who did react was Rodolfo Hernández, who apparently felt left out of the discussion and asked a curious question.

“And when will they leave me?” asked the engineer.

At that moment, Gutiérrez added ‘salt to the wound’ and responded to Hernández in such a funny way that the engineer and Fajardo himself couldn’t help laughing.

“They said they weren’t going to touch you because you didn’t go. That’s what they said”, commented ‘Fico’.

Finally, Gutiérrez launched one last whiplash at Gustavo Petro for the same situation: “No more hatred, no more attacks, no more dirty war. That man did not come, it was for that reason and he has not spoken about those attacks that they made to Sergio and that they announced to me”.

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