They seized the largest shipment of cocaine in the history of Buenos Aires

At first glance, the trailer was empty, but the dogs quickly spotted the false bottom where the 103 bricks of cocaine were.

Outside the warehouse in Lomas de Zamora, there was another Mercedes Benz truck with its driver in the cab, who is 31 years old, is of Argentine nationality, and was arrested.

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The procedure was carried out thanks to the order issued by the National Criminal and Correctional Court Number 4, in charge of Dr. Ariel Lijo and before Secretary 7 of Dr. Diego Arce.

For his part, the Minister of Justice and Security of the City, Marcelo D’Alessandro, specified that “this operation, which is historic due to the amount of cocaine seized, is the consequence of enormous work carried out by men and women of the city ​​police following a clear mandate: fight drug trafficking relentlessly so that drugs are far from our neighbors. Despite those who believe that consumption is a minor problem, we are going to continue working to end the circulation of this poison that ruins lives every day.”

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This investigation stems from a finding that the officers made days ago, when in the midst of patrolling through Barrio 21-24, they observed a man with a suspicious attitude and who tried to flee upon detecting the police presence.

Upon being searched, in the presence of witnesses, the officers found in the backpack that he was carrying 4 bricks of marijuana and 7 bite wrappers of the same drug.

Immediately, his wife left the house, so a search of the house was ordered. There, the officers found 112 bricks of marijuana and 2 kilograms of cocaine, leaving the woman and the man detained.

In the other event linked to the discovery of cocaine, the officers surprised two people when they were performing a “handrail” maneuver with two others in a kiosk located at the intersection of Juan de Garay and Matheu avenues.

When searching the belongings, the officers found two bricks of cocaine, with 2,043 kilograms.

In these two events, with six detainees in total, the National Federal Criminal and Correctional Court 8 intervened, in charge of Dr. Marcelo Martínez De Giorgi and before the Secretariat 16 of Dr. Simian.

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