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They set fire to a ranchón in the municipality of Rafael Freyre, Holguín

They set fire to a ranchón in the municipality of Rafael Freyre, Holguín

MIAMI, United States. – The Popular Power Municipal Assembly of the Rafael Freyre municipality of Holguin recognized on his Facebook page that the fire in a state ranch, which occurred at dawn this Friday, had been intentional.

Although in its note the Municipal Assembly of Rafael Freyre does not mention the term “sabotage”, used by the regime to refer to protest actions of this type, it indicates that “acts of violence are not the solution to problems.”

“Acts like these leave a lot to be desired from the people who execute them and [d]the Freyrian people, [que] It is a people of peace, of love, it is supportive, respectful, educated, fraternal, industrious”, reads the official note.

On the other hand, the municipal government entity described the fire as “a fateful event” that occurred at dawn on Friday, August 5, and specified that “the rapid action of the residents of the community” had made it possible to protect the basic means and resources of the State. of the Rancho Villa unit, located at the entrance of the municipal seat.


“Today the workers are already taking the first steps, so that together they can recover the unity that many Freyresses enjoy together with family and friends,” the note also indicates.

“The people of Rafael Freyre energetically repudiate this fact. We are from Homeland or Death. We will win!” he finishes.

For their part, numerous Internet users, particularly from Holguin, shared photos and videos of the incident on social networks, and confirmed that it was an action against the authorities due to the constant power cuts in the eastern municipality.

This is how Rancho Villa was left (Photo: Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Rafael Freyre/FB)

In the last month, protests have multiplied throughout Cuba due to the frequent power outages, the shortage of food and medicine, the housing situation, the repression and the lack of basic rights.

Last Tuesday, a group of women and minors tried to block the National Highway at the height of the first ring road in Havana while demanding the presence of Miguel Díaz-Canel, according to a video published on Twitter by the opposition Rosa María Payá.

The day before, numerous Cubans had taken to the streets to express their discontent with the regime and the unsustainable situation due to the economic crisis and the constant blackouts.

According to reports and videos shared on social networks, the protests occurred simultaneously in at least 10 cities in the country: San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque; La Herradura and Consolación del Sur, Pinar del Río; Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus; Antilla, Holguin; Caonao del Sur and Covadonga, in Cienfuegos; and Mabay, Granma.

“More protests in Cuba due to blackouts”, “Popular discontent is increasing”, said activist Yannis Estrada, who shared a series of tweets with videos of the different manifestations.

In the images, Cubans are heard, in the midst of the blackouts, shouting “We want power!” and accompanying their claims with the sound of saucepans.

Also this Monday, but during the day, Cubans residing in the Luis Dagnes neighborhood, Altamira Popular Council, in the province of Santiago de CubaThey took to the streets to protest the blackouts.

The demonstration caused the presence of several military and public order forces, while the demonstrators shouted phrases against the Government.

As explained by the activist Aurora Sancho, the agents of Santiago de Cuba “entered the neighborhood wanting to repress, but the people were only demonstrating peacefully. They wanted to hit, but the neighbors did not let them. They handcuffed a young man who was just watching the protest and when they were going to take him away, the people themselves protested with more force and forced him to be released.”

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