They shelve the 'Grey House' of José Ramón López Beltrán, son of AMLO

Mexico City.- The Ministry of Public Administration (SFP) druled that the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his relatives did not incur a conflict of interest in the case of ‘Home Grey‘ in Houston.

In the complaint filed on February 15 by Senator Xochitl Galvez, It was requested that the alleged conflict of interest be investigated. AMLO and Daniel Chavez Moran, owner of Vidanta Group and honorary advisor to the project for the construction of the Mayan train.

“Based on the information obtained and the applicable legal framework, the investigation determined that no competent and conclusive evidence was found to prove the alleged commission of facts, acts or omissions that could lead to an administrative fault attributable to the public servant and to individuals” , reported.

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The Secretariat pointed out that it did not find irregularities in the concessions and permits that Vidanta Group, of which Chávez Morán is the owner, he has on behalf of the Federal Government.

“On the other hand, the SFP does not have the competence to investigate legal acts outside the Federal Public Administration, nor acts held outside the national territory, such as those referred to in the letter about the company KEI Partners,” he added.

After the scandal of the millionaire mansion in which he lived Jose Ramon Lopez Beltran and his wife Carolyn Adams, the couple revealed that they lived in Houston Texaswhere José Ramón worked as a lawyer for the company KeiPartners, property of the children of Daniel Chávez, honorary advisor in the works of the Mayan TrainIvan and Erika Chavez.

“It was proven that C. Daniel Chávez Morán, appointed as ‘honorary supervisor’ in the ‘Mayan Train’ project, did not receive or receive any salary, emolument, payment or remuneration from the Federal Public Administration, nor did he perform the functions of the public servants designated in terms of the Law of Public Works and Services Related to Them” said the agency.

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Based on the evidence, he said, the General Directorate of Complaints and Investigations of the SFP issued the Termination Agreement due to Lack of Elements, which was notified today.

“The SFP exercises its investigative and sanctioning powers based on the evidence received and collected, and with respect to due process,” he said.

On February 14, at a press conference, López Obrador confirmed that his son worked with the businessman, after asking him to disclose his income, after the publication of a journalistic investigation of Latinus related to a luxury property in Houston, where his eldest son lived.

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“What José Ramón made known where he works is, in effect, a company owned by the sons of Daniel Chávez that helps me as an honorary supervisor on the Mayan Train, but he does not charge and we do not have any business relationship. He does not have any business in the government, there is no problem of interests”, he affirmed in the National Palace.

An investigation by Latinus revealed that José Ramón López Beltrán lives like a king in Houston, in properties worth 20 million pesos, along with his partner Carolyn Adams.


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