Attack on buses on Route 2

Dramatic moments were experienced in the early hours of the Route 2which unites the Buenos aires city with Mar del Plata. Over there, two long distance buses were shot at while they were on their way to the destination. In total, they accounted for about 90 shots in the attack.

The passengers who traveled in both units were people who they had gone exclusively for a shopping tour in the zone of Avellaneda Avenuein the porteño neighborhood of Flowers.

This is how the buses remained after the attack on Route 2. It was at the height of Chascomús and Castelli. (

According to the versions told by the people who were on top of the vehicles, the attackers’ intention was “cripple the mics”. “The intention was not to rob us or anything else. It was against the woman who coordinates these trips that she has been making for more than 15 years. And the truth is that she does very well and is annoying. She is an intern between companies, ”revealed a passenger to TN.

“They were two buses from the same shopping tour company. We all came sleeping. We started to hear noises in the back and we thought it was the noise of the air conditioning. I called the coordinator who was traveling downstairs and from there they yelled at us to get on the floor, that they were shooting at us”, said Cintia, a passenger.

“The police personnel who attended us told us that they shot the engines to slow down the buses. In ours there is a shot in the center of the rear window, “he explained.

Attack on buses on Route 2

The bullet marks on the back of the mic. (

According to what the witnesses were recounting, the attack came from a white Toyota van, which would have crossed at the height of Chascomus and later in Castelliwhich was where the drivers decided to stop to avoid a tragedy.

The Departmental Castelli Department of Road Safety IV of the Police of the Province of Bs As intervened in the case with the intervention of the UFI on duty. More than 90 bullet impacts were recorded in the units, according to police sources..

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