They take the National College of Buenos Aires: they denounce cases of sexual abuse and gender violence

In the context of a student Assembly convened to deal with the Complaints against a teacher and an employee of the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Airesthe Student Center began this Wednesday, June 22, the taking of facilities. The students, with the support of the Teachers’ Union Association, demand that they remove a teacher considered “violent” and even janitor that he would have a sentence for sexual abuse against a minor, they pointed out.

Who are the defendants in the National College of Buenos Aires

  • Robert Rodriguez, who is in charge of the Department of Physical Education. He is accused of acts of violence against a studentwho would have threatened to “cut his teeth”, say the students.
  • Jose Sebastian Baez, it is an employee who works in maintenance of the Sports Field of the institution. Apparently, Báez has a suspended three-year prison sentence for sexual abuse against a minor.

Victoria Liascovichwho presides over the Student Center, remarked that the taking was approved after three assemblies held in the morning, afternoon and evening shifts. Although he clarified that the seizure “is not permanent,” he announced that the measure will be maintained this week “so that no type of sexual abuser can have contact with minors,” he explained to The nation.

“Our conditions are very clear and basic: that the convicted person be dismissed or transferred to another dependency of the UBA where they do not have contact with minors; that the denounced teacher not have contact with students again until he retires, which is only two months away; and we demand compulsory training in comprehensive sex education for all teachers, non-teachers and school authorities”, Liascovich explained to the same medium, in addition to clarifying that this Thursday they will have a key meeting with the rector, Valeria Bergman.

Serious incidents in a school in Bernal due to a complaint of abuse of a 10-year-old student

“This shot is one of the most valid that we have historically had as students considering that we are demanding that a sexual abuser of minors and a teacher denounced for summary violence no longer have contact with students”, argued the head of the Student Center of the National College of Buenos Aires.

The Teachers’ Union Association sympathized with the position of the Student Center, while the Rector’s Office of the Institution dismissed the decision as “surprising and unfounded”.

The Rectorate did not allude to Roberto Rodríguez, but did express himself about Baez’s situationwhen communicating that it was requested “from the authorities of the UBA the temporary transfer of the agent until the situation is clarified”, declared the school authorities.

“We deeply regret that these types of actions are carried out, while the various institutional and coexistence instances provided for in the college regulations are in full force and operation and with constant management dialogue in repeated meetings with CENBA,” the statement concludes. signed by the rector Valeria Bergman.


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