"They treat us like slaves": soccer players hit Dimayor for a 'match' in Montería

What happened on the night of this Saturday, May 7, at the Jaraguay stadium, in Montería, aroused the anger of several protagonists of Colombian professional football. Independiente Medellín lost by ‘W’ on their visit to Jaguares, for date 19 of the BetPlay League, and could be exposed to a more severe sanction by Dimayor.

According to what was seen in the images of the official broadcast, the judge from Santander Jorge Duarte decreed the three whistles that indicated that the ‘Powerful’ lost the duel by absence.

And it is that the Antioquian team explained through some press releases that, due to the delicate situation of public order that exists in Cordovan territory and in a large part of the Caribbean coast, caused by the armed strike by the ‘Clan del Golfo’, they would not travel to Montería as a precaution. However, Dimayor ignored these explanations and decided not to postpone the commitment.

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Players pronounce themselves by match between Jaguares vs. Independent Medellin

Through their social networks, some FPC players spoke about what happened, and did not hide their annoyance at the decision made by the institution.

One of those who first manifested himself was precisely the Medellín player Felipe Pardo, who attacked the footballers of the “celeste” team for their decision to claim the match points.

Subsequently, more soccer players were added, including Adrián Ramos, from América de Cali, Sebastián Viera and Fernando Uribe, from Junior de Barranquilla.

“Very unfortunate what happened today in Montería, our soccer falls to the lowest level every time,” Ramos wrote; “Everything has a limit!” trilled Viera; “That’s what we are, that’s how they treat us, like slaves. Unpresentable”, added Uribe.

Here, some of the most outstanding reactions on Twitter:

Jaguars spoke out

Through a statement published on their social networks, Jaguares de Córdoba stated “having complied with all security protocols for the match to be played.”
Here, the pronouncement of the Montería team:

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