Nostradamus predicted the coronavirus pandemic in 1555. Source: LA Times.

Italy recovered the ancient Latin manuscript entitled “The Prophecies of M. Michel” written in 1568 by the French astrologer Michel de Nostre-Dame, known as Nostradamus and famous for his famous prophecies that predicted, among others, the abolition of the French monarchy.

The volume in Italian was located by the Carabinieri in Germany in May 2021, when an auction house put it up for sale, explained the Patrimony Protection unit of that Italian militarized police force, which conducted the investigation.

Thanks to a stamp found on its pages, it was confirmed that the manuscript was originally in the “Library SS. Blasi Cairoli del Urbe” in Rome, which in 1991 became part of the Barabiti Generalized Library, from which it was stolen “at an undetermined time”.

Before the discovery, the Italian judicial authorities asked the German authorities to block the auction to seize the volume, which has remained in custody in the German town of Stuttgart until its repatriation. The volume was returned to the person in charge of the Library to which it originally belonged, Father Rodrigo Alfonso Nilos, thanks to the collaboration between the Italian and German Ministries of Culture.

Michel de Nostre-Dame (1503-1566) wrote the first edition of “The Prophecies” in 1555, a collection that made him famous for its 942 quatrains, in which he enigmatically predicted important events in the history of Europe, such as the death of King Henry II of Castile.

Nostradamus predicted the coronavirus pandemic in 1555. Source: LA Times.

in his book Les Prophéties (The Prophecies), which was published in the 16th century, the Gallic apothecary predicted a series of events for the next centuries of humanity, some of which, under the studies of his interpreters, occurred. According to the predictions of the French prophet Nostradamus, written more than 450 years ago, a terrifying “great war”, possibly stemming from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is going to break out on the planet in 2023.

As pointed out the writer that a European city would be invaded by the enemy, in this year, the Russian Invasion of Ukraine happened. This can be clearly identified in the warlike advance of Vladimir Putin and the siege of some of the most important cities in this country, such as Mariupol, Kharkiv or kyiv.

After the invasion, Nostradamus’s predictions pointed to a seven-year war that, according to specialists, could be compared to the First or Second World War. While government leaders have expressed that they will prevent such a high-profile conflict, the battle between Russia and Ukraine is far from over and the apothecary’s advance could be fulfilled during that 2022.

Another of the critical phrases of the French fortune teller that the interpreters tried to decode is the one that says that there will be a “light failure on Mars”. According to some astronomers who referred to the writings, the red planet could enter a retrograde motion with which it would move backwards in the sky. Besides, it could also refer to humanity’s efforts to colonize it.

If correct, this brief prediction would be devastating news for one of the men who is making the most efforts to the human being reaches the martian surface, the tycoon Elon Musk.

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