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As a man dedicated beyond measure, an exemplary father, a good son, a worker, an excellent friend and neighbor, this is how his family and friends will remember Rafael Geronimo Navarro, who died this Tuesday after being shot in the head last Saturday during a robbery in front of his mother in the Brisas del Edén sector of Alma Rosa I, municipality Santo Domingo East.

In front of her coffin the lady Mary RosarioRafael’s mother, wept disconsolately without finding an explanation for her son’s death, remembering that she repeatedly begged the unscrupulous not to kill him.

The father of the deceased Rafael Navarroexpressed that his son was always valuable and dedicated in all the things he had in mind, that in his 41 years of age he never had problems with the law and that he was someone who was good for everyone around him.

His sister Marielis said through tears that he was a good son and that just helping his mother “they killed him.” She thinks that there is no justice in the country and that many have to pay being innocent.

“He always had advice for me, he was always responsible. Today it could have been my brother, tomorrow someone else, the police are not doing anything, crime is ending. Rafael was a good citizen, a worker, he did not do what was wrong and he looks at how they killed him, he did not deserve to die like that, ”said Marielis Navarro between tears.

Marielis Navarro, sister of Rafael Navarro. (FREE DIARY/ EDDY VITTINI)

For the Navarro family it was like a novel and isolated events these cases of violence and crime that affect the Dominican Republic, today they express: “We never thought to live this reality and this pain.”

Rafael Navarro “took the bread out of his mouth to give it to others,” according to one of his nephews, who assured that they will not allow his death to go unpunished and that the authorities sit idly by.

“I knew the respect for Rafael, I knew what it is to value the important moments of life and that we will never share again. A guy like Rafael will never be seen again, that kind of human being no longer exists, ”said his friend Víctor Santos.

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Rafael’s father understands that the National Police has been “very negligent” in providing support to citizens and that they are sold “for a few pesos” to the first one who offers them money.

He understands that the institution of order “does not work” and that in order for it to function as such, there are many “heads to cut off”, starting with those who govern them.

Mr. Rafael Navarro understands that his son was not killed by criminals, but by the Dominican State for having the population unprotected.

“My son was killed by the Dominican State, because the State is there to protect us and it is not doing it, not crime, the State”he said between his pain.

The relatives of Rafael Navarro (deceased) hope that justice will be done and that President Luis Abinader will take action with the police authorities that “supposedly protect the country.”

The victim is veiled at his residence in the Brisas del Edén sector of Alma Rosa I and will be buried this Friday in the Cristo Salvador cemetery, in the municipal district of San Luis, Santo Domingo East.

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Rafael Navarro, father of the deceased. (FREE DIARY/ EDDY VITTINI)

Is about Rafael Geronimo Navarro, 41, who had gone out with his mother to fill the gas tank at home, then went to buy dinner and when they returned to his mother’s house, he decided to go back to get ice and say goodbye to his father. When he was about to enter his vehicle, two men arrived in a car telling him “to hand over everything.”

Then, according to his mother, despite the fact that Rafael handed over what he had, including a firearm, they beat him and he entered the car disoriented, yelling “a thief, a thief,” and at that moment the unscrupulous returned “and They shot at him, hitting him in the head.”

Mr. Rafael Navarro left four children in the orphanage, among them, three minors. Two and a half years ago he won the Lotto (15 million pesos), with which he managed to build some buildings and have a food business in the same sector.

Friends and neighbors stated that Rafael was “so kind” that when they gave him the money he earned, he distributed a good amount among the community members of the sector and people who stayed by his side.

“He distributed that money to the people, that man was more than kind, with him we discovered to be real people,” commented one of the neighbors.

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Rafael Navarro while smilingly receiving his Lotto prize. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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