They went to pick up trash, they found a bag full of money in Békésszentandrás

A bag full of money was found in Békésszentandrás by the volunteers who started picking up trash. As it turned out later, the bag belonged to an elderly British man who had had a stroke more than a year earlier and then left his property, which he had recently managed to return to him.

Attila Major, a representative of the Békésszentandrás municipality, organized a garbage collection operation in the inner and outer part of the city a few weeks ago. During the garbage collection, the MP’s daughter found a backpack in an area overgrown with weeds, which contained about two million forints of cash in British pounds.

There was also a phone, a tablet and some documents in the bag. The bag was first taken to the local police station, from where it was transferred to the vault of the Békésszentandrás municipality.

Documents in the backpack revealed that an 80-year-old British man, Terrence William Andrews, could be the owner. They had a hard time contacting the man and it turned out that he wanted to buy real estate in Hungary. He also visited Békésszentandrás for this purpose, when he had a stroke while walking on the outskirts of the settlement.

He was taken to the hospital by ambulance, but the bag remained on the scene.

Afterwards, his bag rested on the edge of the ditch for more than a year until it was found. The backpack and its contents were eventually taken back to Luton, England by Balázs Lesfalvi, Deputy Mayor of Békésszentandrás, as the old man was still not fully recovered from the stroke.

The British man is the report of according to he said he is very grateful for this, and thanks the people of Békésszentandrás for finding and returning his valuables, because his whole life was in this bag.

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