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They were the first to try out the bridge: “This is historic for Schoten”

These residents of wzc Verbert-Verrijk also wanted to go on the new Hoogmolenbrug right away.

These residents of wzc Verbert-Verrijk also wanted to go on the new Hoogmolenbrug right away. † © YES


Never seen such a colorful collection of non-motorized vehicles together as on Monday on the new Hoogmolenbrug, even the residents of the residential care center nearby. “Beautiful what they have built here.”

One of the first bridge scouts we encounter goes next to her bike. Liesbeth from Deurne has just accompanied her son Maxime to the Sint-Jozef Institute in Schoten and is on her way back. “I am reassured. It is beautifully and safely laid out. The slope is doable, but the tires of my bike are just too flat”, she explains her step-by-step ascent.

A little further on we meet Herwig Vereyken, as usual with his camera. “I didn’t want to miss this moment,” said the employee of the local history circle Scot. “The commissioning of the Hoogmolenbrug is quite historic for Schoten, even though I don’t think it will reduce traffic in our municipality.”

Herwig Vereyken with his camera.

Herwig Vereyken with his camera. † © YES

Inge Waterschoot from Antwerp is living proof that it’s hard to find something on the roads of Schoten these days. “I have to go to Brasschaat. How the hell do I get there?” Your reporter puts the sporty woman on the right track.

Halfway up the bridge slope we are approached by another lady, on her way to a business meeting at a company on the Albert Canal. She tries to reach the towpath directly via the bypass. “Do you know if I can reach the canal below via this exit?”. So no. The road signs don’t lie.

Got stuck in Schoten. This lady is not the only one who has to search the area around the Hoogmolenbrug. † © YES

Self in wheelchair

Annie Aertssen and Mie Mannaerts are also on foot. The ladies from Schoten are sporty dressed and the healthy blush on their cheeks shows that they have been on their way for a while. “We walk together for an hour every day. When we accidentally passed this access route to the new bridge at the park, we suddenly decided to go up. We definitely think it’s an asset for Schoten,” says Annie, before she and Mie start again.

When we pedal over the Hoogmolenbrug again in the late afternoon, at the very top we see Betty Rossano and another volunteer from the Verbert-Vererig residential care center in Schoten. They accompany two residents: Ferdinand Coosemans and a comrade of his. The fact that they are in a wheelchair today didn’t stop them. “We really wanted to see the new bridge with our own eyes. It’s wonderful what they have built here,” said Ferdinand, who would have loved to ride his heavy motorcycle over the new bridge. (yes)

Liesbeth, on foot due to flat tires. † © YES

Inge Waterschoot looking for the road that will bring her to Brasschaat. † © YES

Many scooters have already made the crossing. † © YES

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