They will allocate almost a million pesos to a campaign against scabies in pets

Leon, Guanajuato.- The Municipality of Leon will allocate around one million pesos to treat scabies in pets, after detecting a prevalence of the disease in several neighborhoods such as San Juan de Abajo.

The mayor of León, Alejandra Gutierrez Camposspecified that the cases were detected very punctually in vulnerable areas, for which a census is currently being carried out to identify the number of animals that have scabies.

It should be noted that this disease affects the dog’s skin and is caused by the presence of mites that lodge in the skin and feed on cells, keratin and sebum. It is considered potentially transmissible to humans as its form of contagion is contact with contaminated objects.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) details that scabies in humans can be complicated by a bacterial infection that can cause sores and, finally, more serious consequences such as sepsis, heart disease and chronic kidney failure.

For which the Animal Welfare and Control Center will allocate 998 thousand pesos to 10 thousand treatments against scabies.

“We started. The important thing here is that society is willing to inform us and follow up on the treatment. We can give you the medication, but follow-up is required,” said the Mayor.

The treatment that will be applied will be a single dose, which has a response of up to a month, after which it will be determined if the animal is given a second dose or even up to three doses.

Gutierrez Campos He pointed out that a census will be carried out to determine the number of animals that are affected by scabies.

On the other hand, it was reported that the Animal Welfare and Control Center increased the staff with another six veterinarians and two lawyers, the latter to reinforce the legal actions that are registered for animal abuse, for which 2 million 648 thousand pesos will be allocated.

In this way, it is intended to reinforce the issue of inspection and legal actions against animal abuse.

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