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They will challenge the rejection of carrying out a Citizen Consultation on the new Mummies Museum

They will challenge the rejection of carrying out a Citizen Consultation on the new Mummies Museum

Guanajuato capital, Guanajuato.- The group of citizens that promoted the plebiscite to submit to Public consultation borrowing for the construction of a new Museum of Mummies on capital Guanajuato will challenge the decision of IEEG to declare your application inadmissible.

This was announced by councilor Paloma Robles Lacayo in a press release.

In it he states that “We clearly disagree” with the decision of the IEEG taken this morning.

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“It is clear that making it impossible violates the capital’s population’s right to the city and it is particularly unfortunate when the municipal president, instead of promoting it by his own means, celebrates the declaration of inadmissibility issued by the IEEG Citizen Participation Commission“, they expressed.

They argue that almost 7,000 people signed to support the promotion of a plebiscite that would subject Public consultation the city council’s decision to contract debt to demolish a roofed court that serves 5,000 people per month and build a shopping mall with mummies.

“In our capacity as promoters of the plebiscite, we have the moral responsibility and the social commitment to resort to all possible ways so that this plebiscite is carried out and, in this way, the citizens of Guanajuato can exercise their political and city rights. to intervene in this decision of such gravity for our municipality”, they affirm.

The fact that almost 7,000 people have signed giving their support to promote the plebiscite means that there is a broad interest of citizens in intervening in this public decision, they add.

They consider that citizen participation mechanisms “have been poorly applied in the state of Guanajuato” and this pretends to be the first plebiscite promoted by the citizens.

Attacking the mechanisms of citizen participation calls into question the credibility of the institutions responsible for guaranteeing democracy in our state and also questions the government’s willingness to know and respect the citizen’s will, they concluded in their statement.


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