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The jury made up of 12 experts have to choose among 350 industrial and craft samples that were sent by 150 large, medium and small producers from Argentina and the world, and that will be measured “on equal terms” with a “strict sensory analysis” blindly.

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Alfajores The Sugar House

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“I highlight from the tasting the classification of the alfajores by region, something very important for the Country Brand because without knowing the brand or origin we recognize and associate the alfajores to each region based on their textures and fillings that have specific flavors,” said Silvia Chus, co-founder of the premium gourmet alfajores company Cielos Pampeanos, one of the presidents of the jury.

Executive chef Cristian Ponce de León, another of the presidents of the jury and president of the Professional Gastronomic Council of the Americas, said that “in the tastings we found pistachio, quince, beet, yerba mate fillings, exotic flavors that go very well.”

“But we don’t know which companies they are, we receive a box with the alfajor without its wrapper or its brand, we evaluate it blindly and we tabulate with the sensory analysis methodology of the components the cookie, the jelly, the filling, the chocolate, according to category”he added.



While the jury tastes and evaluates in a sort of “dark room” the public walks through the fair and forms a queue to buy at the alfajores standswhich are mostly ventures.

Meanwhile, also 48 prizes will be awarded to participating producers in 16 categoriesamong them the Best Dark Chocolate, Best White Chocolate, Best Dulce de Leche, Best Fruit Filling, Best Simple Alfajor, Best Triple Alfajor, Best Biscuit, Best Confectionery Alfajor, Best Traditional Flavor, Best Exotic Flavor, Best Texture, Best Alfajor Aroma, Best Packaging, Best Healthy Alfajor and Best Cornstarch Alfajor.

The winners of each category compete to be the “best alfajor in the world 2022”.

In addition to Chus and Ponce de León, the jury is made up of food journalist Carolina Balverdi and alfajores influencers Hernán Montes de Oca, Juan Manuel Logiacco, Mariano Lopez and Facundo Calabró.

It is also made up of chefs Lucas Fuente, Pablo Remaggi; the enterprising pastry chef Agustina Laporte, and two members of the public.

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