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They will test the wave energy of the tides in Mar del Plata and Quequén

They will test the wave energy of the tides in Mar del Plata and Quequén

Experts assure that it has a high capacity factor and high performance: the energy of sea waves is up to 30 times denser than solar and five times denser than wind.



The converter designed by UTN BA consists of two buoys that capture the undulating movement of the waves and then this movement enters a kinematic chain of gears that transform the buoys’ slow ascent and descent movement into a rapid uniform rotating movement that enters to a generator that produces electrical energy.

The buoys are hollow naval steel.

Its weight can vary from 2 to 20 tons, while its diameter can be from 3 to 10 meters. Depending on the dimensions of the equipment, the power may vary between 30 kW to 200 kW per buoy.

The equipment can be installed offshore by piling, oil and gas extraction platforms or in existing structures such as breakwaters and docks, such as those in Mar del Plata and Quequén, in Necochea.

“It is a pride as a technological engineer to carry out this project that could bring many benefits to our Argentine people, from clean and renewable energy, to energy supply to dispersed populations; work and growth of the national industry and, not least, take advantage of our marine energy resources, reaffirming our maritime sovereignty”, Haim remarked.

The initiative is in full progress with the signing of agreements.

The UTN team agreed on a collaboration plan with the Buenos Aires Regional Electric Forum (FREBA) and aspires to obtain $50 million in financing from the Argentine Sector Fund (Fonasec) to build and install the first wave energy equipment in the country.

The scientists are working on the design, the mechanical, electrical and electronic parts of the device at a real scale (1:1) to test it on the southern breakwater of the Port of Quequén. The intention is also to test it in the port of Mar del Plata, near the sea lion reserve.

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