Thief runs over and returns the victim's cell phone |  VIDEO

A new act of insecurity took place in San Antonio de Padua, Merlo’s district of Buenos Aires, in Argentina when a motorcycle thief who had stolen a young woman’s cell phone was hit by the car of a man who reacted to what happened.

The images of the sequence were recorded by security cameras in the area and were broadcast by the site El Ojo Bonaerense.

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The victim’s screams alerted the neighbors who were passing through the intersection of Noguera and Fonochietto streets last Thursday.

According to what is observed in the video, one of them, who was with his vehicle parked on the sidewalk in front, upon noticing that two men had approached her, lets the accomplice pass on the motorcycle, but does not do the same with the other, trying to cross the street: the driver put first, accelerated and ran over the offender.

In the recording you can also see another neighbor, who hears the young woman’s request for help and runs towards the thief, who had already been hit but managed to recover. Although he gives up trying to catch him, he manages to recover the woman’s phone that was lying on the asphalt. The criminal, meanwhile, runs to catch up with his accomplice who was waiting for him on the motorcycle and thus the two escape.


A case similar to the one that occurred in Merlo took place last month in Villa Maipú, San Martín district, when a man chased a 16-year-old thief in his truck and ran him over after the criminal robbed his mother’s house, 77 years. The images of the event were also recorded by security cameras in the area and reported the violent impact of the vehicle against the criminal, who was thrown and fell on the pavement.

Everything happened in the vicinity of Alvear and Illia, after the thief and a 16-year-old accomplice entered the victim’s house, beat her and escaped with valuables. In the sequence, one of them, once outside the property, discards a firearm and begins to run down the street. At that moment, a utility truck that was driven by the victim’s son appears on the scene and at full speed rams him from behind.

As a result of the crash, the offender was thrown forward, turned around in the air, seemed to hit the curb and was lying on the asphalt. “And now?! And now?!” the victim’s son yelled. Afterwards, he laughed and insulted him.

The first information indicated that the driver of the vehicle, in circumstances that were not clarified, became aware of the violent robbery that his mother had just suffered precisely when he arrived home. Faced with this situation, he chased the thieves and it was then that he ran over one of them when he saw him flee down the street.

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