This is how Hanne Troonbeeckx married in Ibiza: sun, sea, beach and lots of magic


After two previous attempts, it finally worked: Hanne Troonbeeckx (43) and Steffen Brans (31) are married. In Ibiza, with the sea and the beach as the backdrop. “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” said Hanne.

Jo Smeets

Because we rarely guarantee good weather, Hanne and Steffen chose Ibiza as the setting for their wedding party. A week earlier, the couple married before the law in Hasselt, but the festivities in Ibiza see them as their real marriage. “The location is idyllic,” Hanne told Het Belang van Limburg earlier this week. “On a sun-drenched beach, I’ll say yes in a very pretty dress.” That is not a word of a lie, judging by the story that Hanne shared on Instagram.

Fairytale party dis

Sun, sea, beach and lots of magic: this is how Hanne and Steffen’s marriage can be described succinctly. The select group of invited guests – dressed in stylish, summer outfits – took place at the fairytale party table with a view of the sea and the beach, where a large heart was laid with stones with the letters H and S in it. “Oh my god, this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” said Hanne. “Ching, Ching on love.”

The one

Earlier this week, Hanne Troonbeeckx explained in Het Belang van Limburg why Steffen is the perfect partner for her. “That became immediately clear when I got to know him: ‘Wow, this feeling is so strong.’ People often say, “When you’ve found the right one, you’ll know for sure.” Now I understand what they mean by that. You just feel that. Steffen accepts me as I am, he just likes me. And I don’t even have to make an effort to be liked by him. I can’t describe it other than: nice. We have a lot of fun together, we laugh at ourselves.”

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