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Laura Vargas Zabaraín, one of the daughters of news presenters Jorge Alfredo Vargas and Inés María Zabaraín, has made one of his biggest dreams come true, to release a song.

The 23-year-old who will now be called Laura Maré, He recently released his first musical theme called ‘Sabor a coco’, after working for two years on this project.

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“This year I will release many songs that have been written from real stories of women who came to tell me about them”, told the artist in an interview with La FM.

This is the video of the song ‘Sabor a coco’ performed by Laura Maré:

Although Laura Maré has an obvious talent for music, being a singer was not her life plan. The daughter of the renowned Colombian journalists is a political scientist and is studying law at the Universidad de los Andes.

“I thought that before I used to sing to pass the time and study as a life project, but it’s happening the other way around,” he confessed.

Laura graduated a month ago in political science and her parents expressed through their networks how proud they felt. “And our Lauri is already a political scientist. May daddy God continue to guide your steps and accompany your path, “wrote Inés María Zabaraín.

For his part, Jorge Alfredo Vargas did the same: “Proud and very happy. Our Laura is a political scientist. We share this moment with our family, our friends, colleagues and followers. Thanks god”.

And just as journalists celebrated her daughter’s academic achievement, they also did it in this new facet of their life.

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Just like when children pursue dreams and one accompanies them to dream and achieve them. Laura has had music in her skin since she was a little girl and some time ago she decided that it would stop being a hobby to become a life project. She has been working on this dream for more than two years, which today has come true with the first of several songs with a social meaning inspired by women and love. Real stories that they have been telling him, ”said the presenter of Noticias Caracol.

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